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— THE WILD ONE(Salvaje)

THURSDAY 20/04/2017 22:00h

A band of bikers sent by Johnny Strabler (Marlon Brando) arrives in the town of Wrightsville where they organize a series of altercations.
During his stay there, Johnny meets a girl, Kathie Bleeker (Mary Murphy) who is the daughter of the village Sheriff. They fall in love but Johnny can not let go of the way he lived until then. In addition to all these difficulties, Johnny will face his staunch enemy, Chino (Lee Marvin), who has gone after him to settle accounts, and the villagers of Wrightsville who take justice by their hand to drive out the village bikers.
The film is based on a short novel called The Cyclists' Raid, written by Frank Rooney and published in the American magazine Harper's Magazine in January 1951.

Directed by: László Benedek Screenplay: John Paxton, Ben Maddow
Cast: Hal Mohr (B & W) Cast: Marlon Brando, Mary Murphy, Lee Marvin, Robert Keith
United States, 1953 B / W. 73 min. VOSE

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