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During their journey through a desert in the Southwest of the United States, a group of motorists calling themselves the Devil's Advocates encounter an old church in a wooded area in which a community of Satan worshipers lives. The monks welcome the group of motorists with hospitality, even inviting them to dinner.

But deep down, what the members of the sect intend is to deprive one of the girls in the group of their will, to submit it to one of their sacrificial rituals. After a fight between the two groups the bikers fled to Florida. But what they are unaware is that the stay in that church has not come to them free of charge

Directed by: Michel Levesque Screenplay: David M. Kaufman, Michel Levesque
Photo: Isidore Mankofsky Cast: Steve Oliver, Donna Anders, Gene Shane, Billy Gray United States, 1971

Color. 85 min. I'm going English

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