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Architecture Audiovisual Series

A messianic architect

(Directed by Gabriel Petit)

The documentary "Antoni Gaudí. A messianic architect "belongs to the archaic / documentary collection edited in 2010 by the Caja de Arquitectos Foundation and part of Barcelona in full growth of the nineteenth century, where Gaudí began his career as an architect and performed the essential part of his work until finally becoming In a legend in life for the city.

This collection represents the recovery of a dispersed material and until now unpublished in Spain of inestimable value for the world of architecture. Each volume gathers information collected especially for each issue by a Spanish architect: photographs, drawings, comments, writings or interviews. This documentary dedicated to the architect Antoni Gaudí is directed by Gabriel Petit, with a duration of 52 minutes and in French as original language and subtitles to Castilian.

ANTONI GAUDÍ (1852-1926)

It is now considered a universal reference for architecture, although its own citizens were not able to perceive the exceptionality of his work, which, on the one hand, broke the mold of the current tradition dominated by nineteenth-century neoclassicism and, On the other hand, was not identified with the dominant style in Catalonia: Modernism. It was not until the late 1950s that a wave of international interest began to emerge for his work, backed by figures such as Salvador Dalí, Le Corbusier, Josep Lluís Sert, Henry-Russell Hitchcock and Bruno Zevi.

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