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— New Street Tram / Beat Streuli

New Street Tram is a public art project whose goal is to create a dialogue between contemporary art and the community by visually transforming various stops on the new Tram line in Castellón.

The images in this work are a selection made by the artist Beat Streuli following an open call to the general public, inviting them to take part in the photographic project undertaken in EACC at the beginning of January 2013. The production process involved an initial participative dialogue between these volunteers, the artist and the institution hosting the project.

The Tram in itself is a radical urban transformation project if you bear in mind that, to date, the city lacked any such service. Once the project is completed the image of the city centre will be totally transformed because, for the first time, there will be a direct connection between the north and south of the city. This will be a crucial step in the ongoing plan to create a city less dependent on cars and more attuned to the use of public transport.

Streuli’s intention to appropriate these spaces is a staunch defence of the role of the citizen, the sole protagonist of everyday reality.

Each one of the artist’s images is a form of mutual recognition inasmuch as there is a mirror effect between these images of anonymous people and the users of the tram who can recognise reality in those same faces.

Finally, the piece also possesses a theoretical and exhibition quality that dovetails with the EACC’s continuing programme over the last few years and its endeavour to take the various expressions of contemporary art out of the exhibition space per se.