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Northern Spy, USA
October 11th
Reinforcing the incessant repetitions of modern minimalism in the rock and roll engine, Horse Lords create an ecstatic thrust driven by dueling polyrhythms that bend infinitely one after another. The Baltimore Quartet, composed by saxophonist and percussionist Andrew Bernstein, bassist / synthesizer Max Eilbacher, guitarist Owen Gardner and drummer Sam Haberman, employs arcane tuning systems to sculpt hypnotic and deep grooves of the new bold American rock.



Using a microtonal tuning system, Horse Lords build syncopated lines that drink from krautrock, African poly-rhythms and classic minimalism.
The resulting sound is both rigid and lush, closely woven and threatening to fly apart, making their live performances fascinating and exciting.
The long-running 2016 interventions on Northern Spy Records show this visceral approach to live performance as well as his interest in composing studio compositions that separate and reassemble the constituent parts of his music into more abstract forms. Interventions were featured on several lists as the "best" of 2016, including the Red Bull Music Academy and The Wire magazine.

"... hypnotic, fluid and free of voices: rhythms and tones that achieve trance effect through repetition and discipline." Noel Gardner at The Quietus

"In" Interventions, "fast and repeated riffs become acts of collaboration, on drones and strong skeletal striae that emphasize optimism, and everything is held together by concentration, time and willpower. Ben Ratliff in the New York Times.

"This is a band that believes that experimental music has the potential to be more than merely aesthetic, and each of its options - how to disassemble its instruments and reconstruct them according to an alternative musical logic - speaks to the desire to lower the status quo - Phillip Sherbourne in Pitchfork