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ORFEÓN GAGARIN (MDR, Verlag System - Toracic Tapes)

Orfeón Gagarin is an institution and a pioneer of our electronic music. It is a sign of the electronic counterculture of the last three decades in our country. His performances have been present in festivals, cultural spaces, crossed borders and among his collaborators and admirers, we find names like Geometric Splendor, Francisco López, Asmus Tietchens, We Are The Hunters or Courbes Bézier, among many others.
Albums such as "Encounters in the third age", "Orfeón Gagarin", "Mantis Predictor" or "Rumor of matter" are works of head for the lovers of the electronic music.
The creations of Miguel Ángel Ruíz with the many projects and artistic names that he has taken have been published and claimed in many formats, cassette, vinyl, CD, wav, mp3, specialized music magazines, fanzines, books, videos. Of all his projects, no doubt Orfeón Gagarin may be the one with the most brilliance stands out.