21 June 2018

23 September 2018

Art is capable of witnessing the future of collectiveness. This exhibition gathers the memory of a very specific period between two financial crises: "dotcom" and "subprime mortgages", from which we are still recovering nowadays. It is "the calm before de storm" of 2008.
With the arrival of the new millennium, West manages to accomplish many of the desired utopias (the digital springboard, the welfare state or the globalization), although altered by the attacks of 11S, 11M and 7J and the consequent wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Nevertheless, it could be said that this period was prosperous and the golden age of video art.
Through the work of 14 artists, this show is a reflection about the immanent tensions, that went unnoticed, of the previous years to the big global crisis. A review of the collective memory of that period from singularized and meant moments by means of different video art works