The Espai d’art contemporani de Castelló (EACC) is part of the overall project known as Castellón Cultural set up to boost and inject cultural life into the city. Officially opened in 1999, the EACC initially centred its goals on the debate and the diffusion of recent artistic practices through a program of thematic exhibitions and activities.

Now after several years of life in the city of Castellón and its area of influence, it is time to reflect on the meaning of the museum institution from multiple perspectives that cover its ideological, spatial and social aspects, in other words, a complete reconsideration of the museum and its limits, its raison d’être and functions in a society that is always coming up with new demands.

Coupled with this reflection, one must also bear in mind the huge potential that makes up the phenomenon of urban configurations, of cities; and not just from a spatial point of view, but more especially from its growing social complexity and, of course, from the historical and collective memory.

Witnesses of the evolution of artistic practice and of its processes of presentation and diffusion —in short, of the new consideration of the artistic action— the EACC wants to occupy a leading place for intervention and action, for intense interaction with artistic agents and with society in general.