Lanceta's writings, as their tissues, propose new approaches to the stories of art and life. The collective is essential in the ways of making of the artist, and this is reflected in her texts that show the relevance of emotions in all creative process. In this session we will read and talk about some of her writings in which she gives life to the loom. As is the case of the compendium of stories collected by Rosas blancas (2016) that, together with other narratives and experiences, try to make visible the links that emerge in every act of correspondence.

Teresa Lanceta tells you "to people to come next January 18th: ‘It’s your turn’. Thus, I invite you to bring some textile object, clothing or not, used or not, a gift, inherited or bought, for which you feel any emotion to give an affectionate mark, changing it in some way. You can generate a new use, hand-sewn, embroidery or a new form. You must bring the materials that allow this action in your tissue, needle, threads, crochets and whatever you consider that can contribute to this change such as branches, leaves or objects. It consists of doing something that enables us to ask, talk or comment the texts suggested by Laura and me, a selection of the work Rosas blancas, in a relaxed and almost familiar way, as is usually done around a work table, as the cigarreras, the embroiderers or lace-makers.”

These and other writings will give form to a publication edited by Editorial Concreta (2019).

Friday: 7pm
Free entry