16 October 2015

10 January 2016

Ryoji Ikeda (Japan, 1966) centres his practice on basic elements of the information society, and more specifically the data and binary codes of the digital era. Taking advantage of the flow of data, Ikeda creates audio-visual installations that make the invisible digital network impregnating and defining our world both visible and palpable. Under the appearance of a mathematical, minimalist aesthetic his work focuses on key aspects such as sound and light. Ikeda has earned a reputation for being one of the artists working most convincingly with visual and sound media, combining physical phenomena and mathematical concepts in his performances and installations.

Datamatics is a project adapted specifically for the exhibition hall at the EACC. Its goal is to orchestrate, by means of highly precise synchronisation, the two large installations data.matrix [nº1-10] and data.scan [nº1-9] in such a way that the sequences of the individual pieces are unified with the intention of creating a customised audio-visual symphony that affords the public a unique sensorial experience.

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